Who We Are

The experienced team behind the ambition


Engaged in the construction and development industry since 1988 we have managed and developed a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties with particular attention to innovative design, quality in workmanship and client satisfaction.

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The Urban Center Workplace

Built to Inspire


A Place that Fires the Imagination

With its standout architecture and placemaking, The Urban Center is the statement–maker, creating a bigger, better working place to be.
We give pace to our place. Bold architecture, latest technology, secure environment and outdoor buzz on the elevated roof garden taking centre stage in our vibrant urban location of Limassol.
We’re the standout destination and we’ve re–imagined the workplace. Our 1.500 sq mt of flexible, collaborative space is built to inspire and connect people complemented by two-level ample parking area for 30 vehicles.. A bold ambition realised over one brilliant office building.

With 7 levels in total each and every one is built to harness creativity and unlock potential in a place that makes you feel good.


A Destination for the City Centre

Setting new standards in the urban environment, located within walking distance to commercial and business enterprises, with ease of access to public services, banking centres, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and other nearby amenities.
Close enough to the vibrant city centre yet a few minutes’ drive away from the highway connection to your preferred destination islandwide.

The Project

A Blank Canvas for Business

Our typical floorplates are designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability to open floors, split spaces, create reception areas and connect floors seamlessly to create a truly inspiring workplace. Sustainable and energy-efficient offices mean your business has the edge, by keeping running costs down.
We think of all the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s why for the people working in each space we have designed for high ceilings so there’s always space to breathe, and ambient fresh climate controlled air to pump in. It’s how the smart building gets its people from place to place, so that’s our 6 person lift. Ample storage area and 30 car parking spaces. Outdoor relaxation taking in the city/sea views on the roof terrace. Sustainability with an Excellent target EPC B rating.
Why do ordinary when you can be in The Urban Center Workplace?

Well Being

A Responsive Environment that Nurtures Well-being

We don’t just do good, we do better. We know that with fresh air and responsive environments, we’re helping make people feel good.
The striking architectural windows let the light flood in as we know that natural light enhances moods and increase productivity levels. There are collaborative working spaces to inspire the big thinkers, and there’s space to quiet the mind on the roof terrace.
Big on biodiversity and sustainability – as well as thermally insulated building envelope & glazing, landscaped planting, and a target EPC B rating, the biodiverse living rooftop is a place with the potential for nature to thrive. This helps with heat retention in the building and reduces our carbon footprint.

Raising the Roof

Relax and Unwind

The landscaped roof terrace provides space for occupiers to enjoy unparalleled views of central Limassol extending beyond the sea to the horizon in the distance.


Big Team

A bold thinking destination needs a Big Team. A team of leading Architects, Landscape Designers, Electromechanical Consultants and Smart Automation Engineers liaise together for the development of the Urban Center Workplace.

Innovative Design in Luxury

A contemporary workplace

The innovative design combined with outstanding features such as the imposing glass façade, marble flooring, wood panelling, the flexible floorplate arrangement, the outdoor terrace area to unwind & relax, the provision for smart technology & connectivity, fresh air supply in a climate-controlled environment and many more make the Urban Center the workplace to be.